Modeling In the Classroom

Classroom Modeling with MAX Teaching

Modeling in the Classroom is a follow-up to the Initial Staff Development Workshop. It typically includes one or more days of classroom modeling. These are days in which the consultant comes into the classroom and models the MAX Teaching strategies in content-area classrooms, using the reading material related to the subject matter that is to be taught that day. 

By observing authentic classroom modeling with their students, teachers realize that these strategies really do work to help students acquire literacy skills at the same time that they are deeply learning content.

What We Need

  • Content (5-10 pages of text), the classroom, and the students 
  • Usually four different sessions/teachers per day, two before lunch and two after lunch
  • Materials sent in PDF format to our consultants at least one day prior to modeling

What We Do

MAX Teaching consultants:

  • Develop the lesson utilizing a variety of instructional strategies
  • Deliver the lesson as content literacy based instruction 
  • Debrief, reflect, and comment with staff observers

Schedule a MAX Teaching consultant to model in your school today.