Materials & Curriculum Development

Helping to Develop Your Teaching Materials & Curriculum

MAX Teaching also provides services in creating materials that facilitate content literacy-based classroom instruction.  

MAX will help teachers create materials that will become the concrete tools that students have in their hands along with the text. These materials serve to help students become deeply engaged in higher-order thinking before, during, and after reading text.

What We Need

Teachers bring content literacy-based text and curriculum to session along with scope and sequence for the next three to four units of instruction.

What We Do

We develop custom content literacy-based materials that might include:

  • Graphic Organizers
  • Anticipation Guides
  • Zip around
  • Three-Level Guides
  • Interactive Cloze 
  • Magic Squares
  • Google Docs and literacy
  • Technology applications for literacy
  • gFlash vocabulary flashcards

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