Professional Development Workshops

The Typical MAX Teaching Workshop

The staff development day consists of approximately three to three-and-a half hours before lunch and three or so hours after lunch, although we are prepared to accommodate a schedule that fits the needs of the school. 

It is best to schedule two or more days of staff development so that the teachers get to experience approximately 20 MAX Teaching strategies among themselves with a MAX Teaching consultant facilitating the process and answering any questions.

What We Do

Participants practice ten to twelve MAX Teaching classroom activities each day. These are modeled for the teachers as if they were students in our classrooms. Teachers thus experience classroom activities they will immediately be able to use in their own classes with their own specific readings and curricula. The readings we use are suitable for professional teachers; the reading strategies we use will transfer seamlessly to their classrooms after the workshop.

We demonstrate how to use these MAX Teaching strategies in the Mathematics, Language Arts, Health, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Science, and all Career Technology (CTE) classes, to name a few.


Clear, precise instructions for using each of the many strategies are included in the MAX Teaching book. Among the many reading and writing strategies that teachers will be able to use after the workshop are:

  • Anticipation Guides
  • Bologna Sandwich
  • Bracket Challenge
  • Concept Checks
  • Cornell Note Taking
  • Cubing
  • Directed Reading and Thinking (DRTA) Fiction
  • Directed Reading and Thinking  (DRTA) Non-Fiction
  • Extreme Paired Reading
  • Focused Free Writes
  • 321 Review
  • Frayer Model
  • Three-Level Study Guides 
  • GIST
  • Guided Reading Procedure
  • Hunt for Main Ideas
  • Idea Survivor
  • Interactive Cloze
  • Magic Squares
  • Math Translation
  • Paired Reading
  • PQRST+
  • PreP (Pre-reading Plan)
  • Previewing
  • Sensible Sent. Highlight
  • Student-Generated Graphic Representations
  • Stump the Teacher
  • Semantic Feature Analysis
  • Think-Alouds
  • Think-Pair-Share
  • Triangle Truths
  • Zip Arounds