Our Services

MAX Teaching Provides...

MAX Teaching provides workshops of any length from three hours to a whole week. Days do not need to be consecutive; they can be spread throughout the school year. 

Why We Are Different

We immerse teachers into content literacy-based instruction, utilizing professional readings that help them to understand why some students have reading difficulties and what teachers could do to change the situation.  We do not perform what we call “PowerPoint Karaoke” and read slides to teachers. They will get an authentic example of what they will be doing in their own classrooms while learning why MAX Teaching works at the same time. 

What We Do

We practice content literacy-based instruction in a setting where the consultant models the behavior of the teacher and the teachers become the students while immersed in learning from text written by the founder of MAX Teaching, Dr. Mark Forget.  Once the workshop is complete, the participants walk away with the book/toolbox that provides teachers with specific instructions on how to perform the same activities in their own classrooms.

Multiple Levels or Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities include: 

  • Professional Development Workshops 
  • Content Literacy Based Classroom Modeling 
  • Embedded Coaching 
  • Materials/Curriculum Development 
  • NOCTI Data Analysis
  • Train the Trainer Program  

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