Meet the Team

Lynda Y. Jackson

MAX Teaching Consultant

Lynda Y. Jackson is a transformational leader and advocate for improving teaching and learning. She currently serves three organizations each focused on a different level of education; local, state and national. The common theme of her work in each organization is support and improvement for new CTE teachers. Throughout Ms. Jackson’s career she has served as teacher, working at both the elementary and middle levels, a curriculum and assessment consultant, a teacher educator, a director of federal programs related to professional development, a learning support director, a superintendent of schools in an urban district and as the executive director of the Southern Regional Education Board’s Technology Centers That Work. 

Ms. Jackson’s long-standing commitment to professional development can be seen in her work with 180 career/technical centers throughout the United States and in her service to SREB’s leadership team. During her time as a Superintendent in the public school system, she was able to implement a turnaround plan that included creating a Quality Instruction Rubric to monitor curriculum, instruction, assessment, classroom management, discipline and fidelity to core programs. 

As a Director of federal and state professional development programs, she facilitated core reading and math programs and designed a teacher leadership academy. During her time as a teacher educator, she supervised student teachers, presented on-campus meetings, conducted site visits, and met with supervising teachers. Ms. Jackson has been awarded numerous achievement awards. She has provided training in project-based learning, literacy, data-driven decision making, strategic planning, and assembling new CTE teacher induction programs.